Smart Whiteboards for Every School in Armenia

Smart Whiteboards for Every School in Armenia

In this new era of teaching and studying in the modern world, Sustainable Development Projects NGO is implementing a project to enhance the learning process in the schools of Armenia by supplying them with advanced interactive big whiteboards that are powerful, informative and integrate a number of technologies to facilitate the learning process.

Interactive smart whiteboards are a new trend in the schools as an advanced tool for the learning process. The interactive whiteboards look like TV sets, but they integrate a lot of other functionalities that TV sets miss: They are touchscreen, up to 20 points, you can make annotations to the information displayed on the whiteboard, you can easily write or paint on it with a stylus and wipe it at once with a single wave of your hand. You can show your video materials, graphs, texts and math tasks on it, let it speak and explain the concepts.

This modern learning tool is making the study an interesting exercise, keeps the children focused and willing to learn.

SDP NGO is working with donor organizations to obtain funds to bring these beautiful tools to your school.

If you are interested, please fill out and submit this LETTER OF INTEREST to start the process. After a while you will see these smart and interactive whiteboards in your school.

Looking forward to your response.


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