Single Desks for School Classrooms

Single school desks for Armenian schools

In an effort to facilitate the study of schoolchildren in the schools of Yerevan and regions of Armenia, SDP NGO is launching a project to replace the current old-fashioned and extremely uncomfortable twin-seat school desks with modern, comfortable, adjustable and functional single seated desks. 

Considering a number of modern trends, it is advisable to change from current twin-seat desks to single desks. It will allow children to sit separately from each other, maintaining the required social distance, refraining from copying from each other, etc.

The desks have solid metal and plastic construction, are durable, adjustable hight, have great functionality, are comfortable for seating during the classes.

We are cooperating with international donors and organizations to bring these benefits to the children of Armenia.

Schools in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia are welcome to submit the following Letter of Interest, for us to be able to attract the necessary funds to obtain and supply the desks to your school.


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