Computers for Schoolchildren

Computers for Schoolchildren

The COVID-19 is changing the world, the ways we communicate, learn and live. It just forced the schools to shut down and transit to distant learning. This is the new reality, and we are going to live with it in the middle-term or maybe most of the time in the future. 

The problem is that many of the schoolchildren and their families are not ready for this shift. They need to invest significant amount of money from their rapidly decreasing incomes to buy new computers, internet access. This means a lot of children will be deprived of receiving proper education, thus creating a bigger inequality for future opportunities of a better life.

Many people, in the course of time, manage to buy more than one computer. Those old ones are left aside, and although they are outdated and under-powered for the present world, but are still usable. 

We offer you to DONATE those COMPUTER to CHILDREN who NEED them badly. By this kind act You will help people find opportunities for education, and eventually a more prosperous life.

We will collect the old computers from you and deliver them to the people that need them. Afterwards you will get a small "Thank YOU!" note and a happy and smiling photo from the family that received your computer.

Join us to make Armenia a better place to live.

Here is the LINK inform us that you would like to DONATE your OLD COMPUTER to a SCHOOLCHILD that needs it.

Here is the LINK to inform us that your child NEEDS a COMPUTER. We will keep your data closed unless otherwise mentioned.

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