Smart Whiteboards for Every School in Armenia

In this new era of teaching and studying in the modern world, Sustainable Development Projects NGO is implementing a project to enhance the learning process in the schools of Armenia by supplying them with advanced interactive big whiteboards that are powerful, i

Single Desks for School Classrooms

In an effort to facilitate the study of schoolchildren in the schools of Yerevan and regions of Armenia, SDP NGO is launching a project to replace the current old-fashioned and extremely uncomfortable twin-seat school desks with modern, comfortable, adjustable and functional single seated desks. 

Computers for Schoolchildren

The COVID-19 is changing the world, the ways we communicate, learn and live. It just forced the schools to shut down and transit to distant learning. This is the new reality, and we are going to live with it in the middle-term or maybe most of the time in the future. 

Protection from Coronavirus

"Sustainable Development Projects" NGO, being deeply concerned about the current pandemic situation in Armenia, as well as being worried about the ability of our compatriots' ability in obtaining sufficient protection means, is organizing a charitable donation that has the aim of buying protectio