Our Mission

Our vision is making Armenia a better place to live.

We imagine it working on certain areas that need significant improvements in order to match the global pace of development.

  • Implementing educational, motivational programs, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship among schoolchildren and adults in Armenia.
  • implementing environmental, restoration, cleaning of nature projects that are aiming at diminishing human negative impact on the nature, as well as promotion of ideas of using eco-friendly products.
  • promotion of energy saving technologies, as well as assistance in developing renewable energy technologies 
  • Promoting the usage of electric vehicles and building an effective infrastructure of EV charging stations nationwide.
  • implementation of projects for the elimination of poverty in rural areas, development of infrastructure, tourism and other domains of the social life
  • Implementation of projects that will enhance woman's role in the social life and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The goals are here, and a lot of work is envisaged ahead. Join your efforts with ours to make Armenia a better place for life.