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    Cleaning the Nature

    Cleaner place to live, healthier life to live.

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    Educated people normally live a wealthier, healthier and happier life

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    EV Charging Network

    The new technologies of transportation are gaining momentum, providing cheaper transfers and cleaner air.

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Single Desks for School Classrooms

In an effort to facilitate the study of schoolchildren in the schools of Yerevan and regions of Armenia, SDP NGO is launching a project to replace the current old-fashioned and extremely uncomfortable twin-seat school desks with modern, comfortable, adjustable and functional single seated desks. 

Welcome to SDP NGO

Yes, you are now at the virtual office of Sustainable Development Projects NGO. If you are here, that means that you are interested in the sustainable development of Armenia, and maybe, in our projects that are aiming at making Armenia a better place to live. 

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New Grant programs by EBRD

With a mission to support the local businesses grow and prosper in the times of coronavirus outbreak, EBRD announced new grant programs.